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About the creator of amulets


My name is Ilya Tushinsky. I am a practicing magician. I am engaged in the study of torsion fields and the creation of installations that interact with them.
In my arsenal there are Kozyrev’s Mirrors, Gribennikov’s Installations, Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator. I also conduct my own developments in the field of amulet building on the principles of torsion fields, for protection and as an additional source of energy.
I live, work and practice in the city of Berdyansk, but I send my devices all over the world. At the moment, my products are used in Ukraine, Croatia, Denmark and Greece.

RaichOrhon Accumulator (pre-made)

Reich’s Orgone Accumulator (modified)

Kozyrev's Mirror

Modification setup (Kozyrev mirror) with right spin

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