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Amulets Testing

Testing of amulets is carried out remotely through a photo.

The test order is:

  1. Finish an application on our website for testing one of the amulets.
  2. After that, in the process of correspondence / phone calls, the terms are negotiated.
  3. You send your photo after you have agreed all the conditions.
  4. We make sure it’s you in the photo. We scan by photo for safety testing.
  5. After that, the photo is printed. A connection is created between you and the photo.
  6. Then the photo is placed in the Mirror of Kozyrev, and the amulet of your choice is placed on top of the photo.
  7. Virtually all test takers experience results from the effect of the amulet. By staying in touch, you have the opportunity to control the impact and, in case of discomfort, stop testing.
  8. After testing, the printed photo is burned and the link to the photo is broken.

Below is a photo of the setup used to enhance the effect of remote testing

Modified setup (Kozyrev mirror) with right spin

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