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How torsion devices work

High-density fields are created in the “Kozyrev’s mirror” installation. Then one half of the amulet is structured under the field in the right-hand field while it is in liquid form. After the composition solidifies in this field, the half acquires the memory of the entire field and becomes its fractal.

Similarly with the second half, but already in the left-handed field – if there were no material carrier, then such an impact of left-handed and right-handed energies would annihilate, and since there is a material carrier, the energies twist together and enter into resonance.

When worn by a person, the amulet works in the etheric body as an oscillatory circuit, that is, there is a constant microvibration. This microvibration works on the principle of “chladni figures”

According to the principle of figures, coldni amulets emit a frequency, which forms a hexagonal pattern that covers the entire etheric body. Such fluctuations of high intensity and frequency are not compatible with the life of ethereal parasites, and after 10-20 minutes of interaction with the device, they leave the etheric body.

When the body is cleansed on this plane of alien inclusions, natural processes begin, the channels are filled and pressure is created in the thin channels, this leads to a slow washing out of inclusions incompatible with the body, including those on other layers, as well as various small parasites.

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