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Contraindications to amulets

Why do people practicing dark practices and black magic, and just starting from the wrong practice, feel negative from my devices (in particular, the “Armor” amulet)?
– for such cases there is a simple and time-tested explanation:

Getting into the human field (intentionally or not), the device activates the human energy system. The energy system also includes human fields (energy bodies) in which our hidden or not very forces are located. Having been energized, the forces immediately make themselves felt, and if before that the practitioner pumped himself up with negativity (negative forces, practices, dark thoughts, damage and love spells), then of course all these forces, manifesting themselves, greatly frighten the seeker, but even these can be dealt with without showing weakness of the spirit, having reworked in himself and coped with his inner demons, granting new opportunities.

Getting into the field of a person without negative components, the field system is activated without surprises) and immediately makes it possible to use the hidden potential: first of all, it affects sensory perception due to new connections and increased energy potential, which will lead you to new unseen qualities of life.

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