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Amulet “Serene”

Out of production

Torsion device “Serene”

  • tuned to our planet’s natural high-frequency radiation
  • performs resonant adjustment (adjustment) of human energy fields – reduces the perception of external emotional influences
  • protects against stress
  • works directly with the body of emotions
  • use between 2 and 12 hours

How the amulet works:The amulet contains two fields (channels) opposite to each other, which creates a stable swirl-spin, forming a resonance to each other or among themselves. The resonant frequency is transmitted through the etheric body and works in it as an oscillatory circuit.

The device was created in the fields of more powerful (modified) installations like “Kozyrev’s Mirror” and Viktor Stepanovich’s reinforced “Grebennikov” installation (strip structures), using the author’s unique Psycho-technologies – Ilya Tushinsky.

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No discount available

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  1. Несси says:

    Амулет успокаивает мягко, настраивает на какую-то другую спокойную волну. Помогает высыпаться.

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